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Hello and welcome to my website! If your a student of mine please feel free to login and you will have access to your lesson plans and video references.

If your not a student already and then you were probably looking for guitar lessons and possibly a teacher.


Not all teachers are equally skilled

Teaching guitar is a difficult skill that takes time and a special talent that is developed over time. Guitar Lessons industry is not a regulated industry and you can learn from anyone. There are no degrees or certifications required although some people have them they are not a required by the industry. Some companies try to use fame to promote pre-taught content by celebrities. Some people are just starting teaching and have only taught a friend and gets the bug to start teaching. There are many reasons people start doing it.

What Makes a guitar teacher Great?

Playing guitar has been a lifetime passion of mine and it became a career for me in 2007. I started out with 6 students that I got from passing flyers around local neighborhoods and I started teaching them. I learned what to do from teaching hundreds of students since then. I have taught several people who have learned for years with me on their way to mastering the instrument. A great teacher should get to know what the students desires are long term and guide them to be successful in all areas that contribute to playing what they want and expressing themself. A great teacher also knows how to observe their students hand mechanics along with being keenly aware of the sound of the instrument all while being able to to communicate proper changes in form, techniques or positioning.

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