About my guitar Lessons

Welcome to Joes Guitar Lessons. I offer live over skype guitar lessons. My lesson format is very similar for my online guitar students to my in person guitar lessons I provide.

Geomentric Approach

A geometric approach allows you to grow skills as a guitar player much quicker. When you have the correct guidance in your studies

Areas of Study

Focused Study

The key to creating measurable sustained growth is a focused study plan and keeping track of the materials you study. I have created a platform that allows my students to download music then track the materials they used when. This platform allows students to to keep track of their progress and be able to see when the last time they practiced a particular song.

Find Out if my lessons works for you

I am willing to offer a risk free "trial" lesson. You can sign up for an available lesson spot, meet me on skype. we will have a lesson face to face and I help you get started with the materials and start adding materials for you to practice along with notes on what to focus on.

Schedule A Guitar Lesson